About us

The Sole Trader Company ЕТ „HELGA-Svetla Stoyanova” started its business in year 1998 as a small family business in the sector of plant-growing. Throughout the years the company has developed and gradually extended its business and in year 2011 it operates being a leader in the region of Pleven in the field of grain-production, farm machinery sales and maintenance and consulting services in the field of agriculture. The company facilities are located in the village of Gorna Mitropolia – 15 km from the town of Pleven – a region recognized as one of the most fertile areas in Bulgaria.  ЕТ „HELGA-Svetla Stoyanova” focused its business onto growing of grain crops,  and at the beginning it aimed at the increase of arable lands with a view to the extension and modernization of production. The land cultivated by ЕТ ”Helga – Svetla Stoyanova” nowadays is of an area of  more than 30.000.000 sq.m  and the company possesses state of the art machinery  and has a highly qualified team of specialists.

Our Advantages

  •  The major crops grown by the company are: rapeseed, wheat, sunflower and maize.
  • The facilities of ЕТ „HELGA-Svetla Stoyanova” are located on an area of 45.000 sq.m. of storage areas, silo facilities, administrative buildings, service station for the machinery, internal infrastructure and sheds for machinery storage.
  • The machinery of the company counts 15 tractors, 4 harvesters, tractor-driven equipment, self-propelled spraying machine, trucks, trailers, etc.
  • The silo equipment is of a world leading brand
  •  The company staff is comprised of young and qualified workers, reaching the number of 30 permanent employees.

Our Goals

The goal of ЕТ „HELGA-Svetla Stoyanova” is to possess the state of the art equipment accompanied by the most innovative technologies in order to achieve both large quantities and high quality of production.  Upon the attainment of its current output the company began focusing its efforts onto the implementation of precision farming and achievement of even higher quality of its production. Every single stage is a subject of precise monitoring starting from the preparation, sowing, soil and plants treatment with pesticides, defense from pests, crop harvesting and its proper storage.

In year 2011 ЕТ „HELGA-Svetla Stoyanova” achieved excellent results due to the new modern machinery and technologies used, as well as to its cooperation with various companies.

Wheat average yield exceeds 600 kg, maize average yield is some 1000 kg, rapeseed   – 350-400 kg per 1000 sq.m . The company achieved one of the best results in sunflower yield, too – the yield  of the past year and this one from production fields is 350 kg per 1000 sq.m, and at the experimental fields the results from the various hybrids are 400 to 500 kg .

The Team

Svetla Petrova Stoyanova – Director and Owner of  ЕТ ”HELGA – Svetla Stoyanova”

„For me the formula of success includes modern machinery, technologies and hard work. Agriculture is the future of Bulgaria. I am glad of having the chance, of taking this decision without even imagining in those hard times that the business will reach so far!”

The owner of the company –  Svetla Stoyanova has gained national recognition, too – with a series of honorary diplomas, one of which granted by the Dobrich Fair for feminine contribution to agribusiness.