20 years of Helga ET - Svetla Stoyanova

The company ET "HELGA"-Svetla Stoyanova started its business activity in 1998. as a small family business in the crop sector. Over the years the company has grown and expanded its activities, as in 2011 the company operates and is a leader in the region of Pleven in the field of grain production, sales and service of machinery and consulting services in the field of agriculture.

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Beginning in 1998

Helga Pleven beginning

The areas cultivated by ET “Helga” – Svetla Stoyanova have reached over 30,000 decares, and for this activity the company has the most modern and precise equipment, as well as a highly qualified team of specialists. Its base is located in the village of Gorna Mitropolia, 15 km. from the city of Pleven – considered one of the most fertile regions in Bulgaria.

In 2018 the company celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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Our advantages

  • The main crops that the company grows are: wheat, sunflower and corn.
  • The equipment available to the company is tractors, combine harvesters, attachments, self-propelled sprayer, trucks, trailers, etc.
  • Silo farm – a leading brand in the world
  • The staff of the company is young and qualified with permanent employment.

The company successfully develops other activities that are in the field of servicing people.

  • Family hotel with a large restaurant for family and corporate events, conference hall
  • Grocery store positioned in a modern building consisting of guest rooms and a room for various events (Interest Club).

Our goals

Helga Pleven Crops

The goal of ET “HELGA” – Svetla Stoyanova is to have the most modern and up-to-date equipment, plus the most rational technologies, in order to have both quantity and quality of production. With the achievement of its current capacity, the company begins to focus on the implementation of precision agriculture and achieving higher quality of production. Each of the stages is monitored precisely, starting with preparation, sowing, treatment of the soil and plants with preparations, protection from unwanted pests, harvesting and its proper storage.

Helga Plev

Our successes

Helga Pleven

Svetla Petrova Stoyanova – CEO and owner of ET “HELGA – Svetla Stoyanova”

“For me, the formula for success consists of modern machines, technology and hard work. Bulgaria’s future is in the agriculture. I am glad that I had this chance, that I made this decision, without imagining in those difficult times that things would get this far! ”

The owner of the company – Svetla Stoyanova, has national recognition with a series of diplomas, one of which is the grand prize of the competition Agribusinescman of Bulgaria for 2018. The competition, organized by the most authoritative agro-newspaper in Bulgaria “Bulgarian Farmer”.

Grain production

Helga Pleven


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Activities and services