Grain production

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Wheat is a crop with poor self-tolerance, which is why the choice of predecessor is an important element of cultivation technology...

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Helga Pleven Sunflower


Sunflower is an annual crop. The choice of growing field should be based on the requirements of the sunflower crop to the predecessor...

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Helga Pleven Corn


Corn is a thermophilic plant, whose high temperature requirements are manifested during the sowing period. Germination takes place at a soil temperature of 8-10 ° C...

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20 years of Helga ET - Svetla Stoyanova

The company ET "HELGA"-Svetla Stoyanova started its business activity in 1998. as a small family business in the crop sector. Over the years the company has grown and expanded its activities, as in 2011 the company operates and is a leader in the region of Pleven in the field of grain production, sales and service of machinery and consulting services in the field of agriculture.

Helga Pleven 20 year video

Activities and services

New Projects

Helga Pleven Arena Helga

Helga Sports Hall

Helga Sports Hall is unique and multifunctional for practicing various sports. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, yoga and various dance activities can be practiced in the hall upon prior request. The hall offers excellent conditions for sports, suitable flooring, spacious and equipped locker rooms, air conditioning and constant temperature. Also a high range of equipment and facilities.

Helga Hall is designed specifically to meet the needs of each of you to organize various sporting events.

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Helga Pleven Office Gorna Mitropolia
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st Georgi Dimitrov #67, village Gorna Mitropolia, region Pleven, Bulgaria

Helga Pleven Office Pleven
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st. Dimitar Konstantinov #23A office 1, Pleven, Bulgaria